Naughty By Nature (30th Anniversary) 2LP

Naughty By Nature (30th Anniversary) 2LP

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Originally released in 1991, this Naughty By Nature self titled album is a timeless and certified platinum record. The collection of songs feature bouncy beats and powerful rhymes making it a must-have record for lovers of East Coast hip-hop.

Track List

1. Yoke The Joker
2. Wickedest Man Alive Feat. Queen Latifah
3. O.P.P. 
4. Ghetto Bastard

1. Let The Ho's Go 
2. Everyday All Day
3. Guard Your Grill 

1. Pin The Tail On The Donkey Feat. Lakim Shabazz and Apache
2. 1,2,3
3. Strike A Nerve

1. Rhyme'LL Shine On Feat. Aphrodity
2. Thankx For Sleepwalking
3. Uptown Anthem