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Poverty's Paradise 25th Anniversary Edition Vinyl Bundle

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The Poverty's Paradise 25th Anniversary Edition Vinyl Bundle remastered includes the Poverty's Paradise Mineral Washed Album Tee and smoke colored 180 gram 2LP and a white 7". This legendary hip hop album was the first to win a 'Best Hip Hop Album' Grammy when the category was first introduced back in 1996.  

Side A
1. Intro Skit
2. Poverty's Paradise 
3. Clap Yo Hands
4. City of Ci-Lo
5. Hang Out and Hustle (feat. Road Dawgs & Cruddy Click) 
6. It's Workin' (feat. Rottin Razkals)

Side B
1. Holdin' Fort 
2. Chain Remains 
3. Feel Me Flow
4. Craziest 
5. Radio Skit

Side C
1. Sunshine
2. Webber Skit (feat. Chirs Webber)
3. Respect Due
4. World Go Round 
5. Klickow-Klickow (feat. Rottin Razkals, Cruddy Click & Road Dawgs)

Side D
1. Double Skit
2. Slang Bang
3. Shout Out (feat. Gordon Chambers) 
4. Outro
5. Connections (feat. Cruddy Click, Kandi Kain & Road Dawgs)

Bonus 7"
1. Craziest (Homie Version Edit)
2. Feel Me Flow (Ali Shaheed Muhammad Remix)